[ How to protect your software ]

Here you'll find information that shows you how to protect bettter you applications, of course the used methods aren't implemented in the best way, they are simplified to make them more understandable, remember, never do a copy-paste of the information below because its not implemented at its best, it would be useless if you do it. I you want to contribute send me and e-mail

[ General advices ]
A little guide of things that you MUST NOT do in order to give more protection to your programs. If you aren't so lazy of course...

[ Black Fenix's Anti-Debugging Tricks - Lesson 0 ]
A brief description of the common methods used to detect the presence of a debugger, how to implement this methods and of course how to bypass them.

[ Black Fenix's Anti-Debugging Tricks - Lesson 1 ]
A short description about breakpoints and how to detect them, includes a little C example program.

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