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This sections contains a few useful programs to deal with the noble art of reversing, some of them are coded in a hurry, my aim wasn't do the ultimate tool for reserving, they are just programs written to solve a specific problem quickly, so don't blame me if you find bugs or you are not able to run any of them, instead try to improve them, cos every of them includes it's source code.

marcador.gif (1024 bytes)Asm To Html Converter: This little utility was written in C/C++, is used to convert W32Dasm dead listings to HTML tables. This is very useful when you have to write and eassy about reversing matters. Source code included. (I think that needs optimization, but it does the work quite well so, there is no need to expend more time in it.)

marcador.gif (1024 bytes)Crack Generator: This utility was written inFree Pascal and is designed as a tool for building your own patches. It generates a small data file with all the required information to patch another file. After that you can call this file with a command line utility. Source code included.

marcador.gif (1024 bytes)Win ID: This utility was written with lcc-win 32 C/C++compiler. It's main purpouse is to show you valuable information about the windows that are currently over the Windows desktop, this includes button and dialog boxes as well as any other control. Very useful if you want to remove nag screens (ACDSee and WinZip are a piece of cake with this), also the utility has some more extra features: the application can show any password marked with '******' in any windows edit box and more. Source code is included.

marcador.gif (1024 bytes) SoftIce Dumper v1.0: This utility allows you to dump large amounts of memory from SoftIce to a file. Coded in Delphi was my first experience with this language. This utility has some code based on +Quine's code. Works for Windows 9x only. It has a nice GUI interface and allows direct memory editing, Hex and Ascii view and much more.

marcador.gif (1024 bytes) Debugger Tester v1.0b: Here you have and utility written by me that will allow you to check your degree of invisinbility against all the common anti-debuggings tricks that you'll find nowadays.Written in assembler and C includes full source code for your convenience ;)

marcador.gif (1024 bytes) new.gif (1500 bytes)WKTVBDebugger v1.3: Here it is the first P-Code debugger made by me and Mr. Snow, check out the link to download it and get more info.


Remember to send any comments, critics or enhancements to
me, also you can contribute with your own tools, I'll publish your tools if they are useful even if they are very bad coded like mines :-).


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