Download Section:

Here you have the debugger and some miscellaneous files.

This new version fixes some loader bugs, and adds a more detailed error message if something goes bad, also fixes some invalid opcodes, and fixes a minor visual dumping error ;-).

WKTVBDebugger v.1.4 (with English Help)

WKTVBDebugger v.1.4 (with Spanish Help)

Loader Updater (unzip tihs and install on the same folder where you've installed the debugger, overwrite any previous files)

Also download the above update for the loader if you want support for VB shrinked files (version <= 1.00)

Please we recommend that you read the FAQ before you install the debugger

Also check out this tutorials:

Introducción al P-code I (only spanish)

Introducción al P-code II (only spanish)

Cuentapasos v3.85,Se abrió La lápida (only spanish)

Web Facil Pro v1.10 (only spanish)

Eternal's Bliss VB CrackMe 10 (only english)

ImageHelp DLL and DBGHelp.DLL v.5.00.2195.1 (note that Imagehlp.dll is included with the debugger)

IMAGEHLP.DLL v.5.00.2195.1

Visual Basic Virtual machine files (latest version we have):




(If you got earlier versions please send them to us)

You'll need to rename this files after unpacking them.

Symbolic debug files (DBG) files for use with the debugger:

MSVBVM60.DBG v.6.0

MSVBVM50.DBG v.5.0

Symbolic debug files (NMS) for use with SoftIce Symbol Loader.



BDASM Disassembler DLL + Documentation & C++ Examples (not available yet).

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